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The LoJo Show

Black Rock Engineering & Technology

Louverture Jones (LoJo) has over 22 years in the cybersecurity industry. LoJo brings his unique experience as a small business owner, diverse career background, and entrepreneur, to bring you a unique point of view. The LoJo show is a podcast geared toward those working in or fascinated by cybersecurity. This podcast is hosted by actively working veterans of the industry, who want to give you the ‘on the ground’ perspective. By interviewing the everyday industry professionals, we hope you will get a well-rounded perspective. Your hosts make this, often overly technical subject, easy to digest, and fun to listen too. The statements of our guests are their own, and are not reflective on the opinions of the host or our sponsors. We are excited for you to join us on this adventure! The LoJo Show is proudly sponsored by Black Rock Engineering & Technology! Black Rock engineers cyber solutions for enterprises of all sizes in any field of business. We highly recommend you use Black Rock for all of your cyber needs. Black Rock #Wefixcyber